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Call Of Duty Blocker (Spoofer)


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Windows 10 x64 Build 2004 -> 21H2/ Windows 11 ->22H2


MW19 + MW2 + MW3

- The blocker will block the Anti-cheat from running while your are loaded in game. (Stopping them grabbing your HWID)
- The blocker will allow your banned HWID machine to find and play games again.
- The blocker will allow you to keep playing after 12 kills. (Please use an aged account from your own system to bypass the 12 kills disconnect! *See forum FAQs for details*)

- Completely spoofs your HWID’s.(No need to use any other Spoofer)
- You will not be instantly Shadow Banned or thrown into cheater lobbies (like when not using a spoofer).
- It does not interrupt or prevent Windows from updating.
- It does not inject into the game.
- It does not cause any game performance issues.

- Will work on ALL Call Of Duty titles using RicoChet. 
- If you get the success on the loader you can be 100% guaranteed COD cannot take your HWID to ban it.

All of our Call Of Duty Cheats are fully compatible!


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