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Fortnite Questions



I'd like to buy Fortnite, but I'm fairly new at this. Here are my questions. Try to answer all of them if you can.

1. Do you support Windows 11?

2. What should I use to load Fortnite up (i.e: Epic Games Launcher)?

3. What must I do to make sure I don't get banned or shadow banned?

4. Do I have to reconfigure my PC in anyway, like changing my BIOS, to play?

5. Can I download the cheat on a USB Flash Drive and inject it from there?

6. People always say, "Tournament Ready", so is this tournament ready?

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1. No

2. Epic or Steam (Right now the cheat is updating).

3. Play as using the cheat just to enhance your gameplay.

4. Yes you have to change things in Bios.

5. No you have to have it on the C drive.

6. Yea you can use it in tournaments as it’s fully stream proof being an external cheat. 

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