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  1. Aciduz's post in Valorant spoofer was marked as the answer   
    No you would need to find a spoofer for VALORANT.
  2. Aciduz's post in Controller support aimbot external cheat was marked as the answer   
    it does not have it yet, we are working on this at eh moment.
  3. Aciduz's post in MW3 cheating safety problem was marked as the answer   
    If your wanting to be safe.. use the blocker and the external cheat. You will have no issues then.
  4. Aciduz's post in question about mw3 cheat was marked as the answer   
    Yes of course.
  5. Aciduz's post in Fortnite was marked as the answer   
    Win 11 is now supported..
    Bios is optional if you want to use the spoofer built in or not..
    The setup guide you get when purchased.
  6. Aciduz's post in MWIII was marked as the answer   
    External cheats are more safe than internal.. 
    The internal has many more features than the external, but this is not always a good thing if you want to stay under the radar. 
    Internal are really for people with multiple accounts that don't mind loosing a few.
  7. Aciduz's post in New to COD cheating was marked as the answer   
    Same with COD, use the ESP only version of the cheat you can go a very very long time, play it legit, not suspiciously looking through walls, your account will never be banned.
    Use Aimbot and other manipulation features, eventually your account is going to be banned, you turn the aimbot that bit too high or use repeatedly features that are are manipulating the game a review on your account will be triggered. That being said we have many people who use the slightest bit of Aimbot in game and have never been banned.
    Call Of Duty have completely cut out game raging, they have a kill limit DC, that can vary from person to person but this is normally 8 kills, then a Shadow Ban on new accounts. This is their way of banning people even the legit ones to say their anticheat is working. 
  8. Aciduz's post in Fortnite Questions was marked as the answer   
    1. No
    2. Epic or Steam (Right now the cheat is updating).
    3. Play as using the cheat just to enhance your gameplay.
    4. Yes you have to change things in Bios.
    5. No you have to have it on the C drive.
    6. Yea you can use it in tournaments as it’s fully stream proof being an external cheat. 
  9. Aciduz's post in rust chair was marked as the answer   
    Exactly, with rust also if you was to receive a ban it would be a server ban and not a game ban… Different servers have different detection vectors. 
  10. Aciduz's post in Does GCA support running in a VM? was marked as the answer   
    No unfortunately it does not due to security purposes. 
  11. Aciduz's post in WZ2 & WZ1 Raging - Auto Kick Question was marked as the answer   
    No it does not have the same 12 kills and kick, but the game does still kick players if you are going hard on new accounts with aimbot set to head only.
  12. Aciduz's post in Is your hwid spoofer from inf*oft? was marked as the answer   
    No, this is our own.. Very different.
  13. Aciduz's post in Is it safety to use unlock all was marked as the answer   
    Safe if you do not over use it, or use on brand new accounts. 
  14. Aciduz's post in Im a little upset with service time :'[ was marked as the answer   
    Bee only take the payments on site? The payments on site are the only thing we offer? I do not know who told you to make a ticket to make a different purchase but I do not except anything other than BTC and Card Payments on the site. You want to purchase please make your self a BTC wallet. I have nothing more I can do for you on this occasion.
  15. Aciduz's post in Rust Product - Recoil Control question was marked as the answer   
    Recoil is set by us, to minimise the chance of any bans happening. 
  16. Aciduz's post in Fornite EAC only? was marked as the answer   
    Fortnite uses both EAC + BE, they alternate anticheats per day. For now we are able to only bypass EAC. So you would buy a day key the day they use EAC. 

    We are working very hard to fix this. 
  17. Aciduz's post in Fortnite - Native Controller Support? Spoofer/Cleaner Included? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, controllers on external cheats are not native compatible, you will need to use AntiMicro. 
    Fortnite comes with a Spoofer correct, it’s also working and fully UD.
    We are having issues with BattleEye anticheat at the moment, this is currently being worked on.
    EAC - Easy Anti Cheat is working flawlessly, the Anti Cheat changes daily so I recommend you look for EAC loading the game, buying day keys for now. This will be ironed out soon. 
  18. Aciduz's post in sorry if I ask here but it won't let me create a ticket was marked as the answer   
    Depends on your bank, normally 3 days. 
  19. Aciduz's post in MW2 Lifetime was marked as the answer   
    When the game releases we will make our internal cheat + ESP external only.
    As for the features we will be going for what we have in our MW2019 cheat now.
    Please wait for more information when the game is released.
  20. Aciduz's post in Blocker 21h2? was marked as the answer   
    Yes it supports it.
  21. Aciduz's post in Purchased Spoofer + Cheat in August. Need help was marked as the answer   
    This is not the Temp Spoofer if you read the announcements/information you will see that the spoofer is under a new testing phase that I will release very soon. 
    Next time make a support ticket on the site! 
  22. Aciduz's post in WarZone was marked as the answer   
    Yes, works with it flawlessly.
  23. Aciduz's post in Apex cheat was marked as the answer   
    Please look at the people who have reviewed Apex. Nobody really uses the forum to answer people. 
  24. Aciduz's post in Deletion of account was marked as the answer   
    You can now request to delete an account via your account settings area! 
  25. Aciduz's post in EFT was marked as the answer   
    No and no! Please look at the information given to you all on the website.
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